“I don’t like asking people to sponsor me”

Common myths associated with fundraising

The overwhelming majority of people like being asked to donate. They feel happy that you consider them a close enough friend to ask, and flattered that you think they care about global injustices. Many people worry on some level that they are not doing enough to support the world’s poor. Donating to your fundraising will make them feel like they are doing something good. You really are doing them a favour!

“I don’t like to badger people”

There’s no need to hit your friends and family with the same donation ask again and again. A direct ask to them, followed up by general reminders on social media is usually enough. You can find reasons to mention your fundraising that don’t make you sound like a broken record, and you can raise money in creative ways that don’t feel like asking for more donations! If you need ideas, give Ami a ring!

One thing’s for certain

No one is going to sponsor you if you don’t ask.

They can only say no, that’s literally the worst thing that can happen. That’s it. Go for it!