Your donation page has the functionality to offer rewards to your donors. It’s important to think carefully about the rewards you offer - good rewards can make an enormous difference to the success of your fundraising.


Offer rewards that will be cheap and simple for you to deliver

For £5 I’ll bake you a cake For £10 I’ll invite you to our summer BBQ

Offer a scale of rewards - better rewards for bigger donations

For £20 I’ll design you a personalised coaster and a mug For £20 I’ll design you a coaster, for £30 I’ll design you a mug

Set your reward amounts to be slightly higher than your friends would usually donate
If you think most people will donate £20, set a reward at £25 to encourage them to give that little bit extra)

For £5 I’ll let you add a song to the playlist at my party For £13 I’ll let you add a song to the playlist at my party

Make your rewards about them, not about you.
Make your donor feel special.

I’ll send you a photo of me on the ride! I’ll draw a picture of you on my cycling jersey!

...unless the rewards give your friends the chance to embarrass you or make your challenge harder!

Donate £10 and I’ll add an extra spokey dokey to my bike Donate £40 and I’ll wear a wig on my helmet Donate £60 and I’ll carry your bags and serenade you on your commute

Keep on top of your rewards and award them as you go along! Seeing people rewarded will encourage and remind others to donate.


Visit to find high quality photos to use in your communications about our work.

Meet up with the team! Join the team for casual post-work drinks on the first Friday of every month, we’d love to see you there. We’re usually at the pub William IV or The Eagle right near our offices in Old Street. We share the event listing on our Facebook page.

If there’s anything we can do to help, whether you want more info about or just someone to bounce some ideas off, get in touch with Francine!