We are currently making some amendments to our All-Female July 2019 route to Meru. As with every ride we do, we amend the route dependent on a number of things, so are constantly improving it for you. We're looking at having the route for you as soon as we can. We're excited about making the route even better. However, on every ride we have to be flexible on routes even as we ride along, because weather can change and - don't forget - we're in Kenya, so anything can happen! Your safety is at the forefront of our route design.


Start point


Your ride will begin at Simba Lodge, Naivasha.

We’ll be starting your ride at this beautiful hotel outside Nairobi that’s surrounded by incredible wildlife. Look out for zebra, warthogs and hippos!

Hippo watching at Simba Lodge, from the 2018 November ride

Hippo watching at Simba Lodge, from the 2018 November ride


End point


You’ll end your ride in Meru, where you’ll visit the communities of women that Child.org is working with, and speak to the people who will be launching our pregnancy support groups later this year. You’ll be able to see the direct impact your Team Mum fundraising will have. You’ll chat to our beneficiaries and learn how we plan to make a sustainable impact. You’ll dance, you’ll sing and you’ll feel part of the family in no time.