Ride Africa fundraising between 1 Feb and 30 April 2019 will support’s Team Mum Appeal.

Together, we’re raising money to create pregnancy support groups in Meru. These groups will support mums in the communities you’ll visit on your last day.

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In Kenya, one in 26 babies die before they reach their first birthday. 

In Meru, where you’ll finish your ride, new mums simply aren’t receiving the health information and support they need to keep their babies safe.

Women in this region fall pregnant early in life. Many leave school and feel ostracised and isolated. Without reliable health information, they don’t know the warning signs to look out for during pregnancy and when their baby is newborn. Without a friendly face to turn to for expert advice, pregnancy and birth can be a lonely and frightening experience - one that too often ends in tragedy.

Your fundraising for the Team Mum appeal will arm new mums with the health information and support they need to keep themselves, and their babies safe. We’ll use the money raised to launch pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya.

These pregnancy support groups will provide practical health information to new mums. Each new mum will be provided with some baby essentials - including a weighing bag to help monitor the health of their baby. They’ll learn about breastfeedingsafe sleepingwhat to expect during the birth and when they take the baby home. They will learn the warning signs to look out for - so they will know when to seek medical assistance at every stage of pregnancy and early motherhood. 

The groups also provide a support system for young new mums - a place to ask questions and discuss problems in a friendly environment. Any new mum, wherever they live, knows how important this support can be.

Read more about why we want to create Pregnancy support groups in Meru on Cherio’s blog.


£10 will be enough to reach a new mum who needs our support and provide her with a pack of baby essentials, including a weighing bag.

£25 pays for a new mum to receive our full support group training programme. She’ll make a birth plan and be introduced to her local health facility where she can give birth in a safe environment.

Team Mum will work to raise the status of mums and pregnant women within their community. Your Ride Africa fundraising target is £1800. That’s how much it costs to run a series of learning events for women and their families. Events like these ensure that husbands and wider family members are engaged and informed about how to best support pregnant women.

If you raise £1600, we can use that amount to pay for two motorbikes to ensure that trained health volunteers can reach new mums in the least accessible regions, those most isolated from health services.

With £3,600 we can assess and make cost-effective improvements to the care in seven local health facilities, ensuring that thousands of mums receive better pre- and post-natal care.

Videos & photos

The videos we have created for Team Mum help tell the stories of the women you’re fundraising for.

You can find all our gorgeous photos and videos on Google Drive here for you to use:

Videos are also available on our You Tube channel.