We totally understand how difficult it can be to ask for sponsorship and donations, so we’ve made it super easy.

I’ve written this email that you can copy, paste, edit or use for inspiration when contacting asking for donations. It’s short, snappy but personal.

Hey …

You may or may not know that I’m doing this crazy thing in July where I cycle over 500K across Kenya for Child.org. We're raising money to create pregnancy support groups in the community in Meru that I'll be cycling to. These groups will give mums who currently receive no information or support with advice on important things like breastfeeding, warning signs and safe sleeping - all the information we take for granted here in the UK. I’m really passionate about this campaign and I’ll be lucky enough to end my ride in the projects Child.org run and directly see the impact the money I raise will have. I really want to meet these women knowing I have done my best to raise the money expected of me for this challenge and end it full of pride in myself and the charity.

I know this is super cringe and I hate asking but I’m going to because it’s important and I’M RIDING A BIKE 500K THROUGH KENYA, MATE! Do a girl a solid.

My fundraising page is here {insert fundraising page link} and I would be so grateful if you could spend a moment and a few quid sponsoring me. Just £25 means Child.org can put a mum through the full pregnancy support group programme - she'll make a birth plan and be linked with her local health facilities so she can give birth in a safe environment.

Thank you for enduring this email, your support is invaluable. Want to find out more about Child.org’s awesome work, watch this video explaining the campaign with Margaret, who is one of the Kenyan team I'll be meeting in July https://youtu.be/ed2jE01nb_A

Want to see the crazy challenge I’ve signed myself up for, visit rideafrica.org and you’ll see why it’s worth a sponsor.