Training kit

Here’s the kit we recommend for your Ride Africa training…


An entry level Mountain Bike (MTB)

We will be cycling on entry-level mountain bikes in Kenya so it’s best that you use one to train on in the UK. If you’re not in possession of one, perhaps a friend or neighbour would have one you could borrow? They are pretty common in family sheds. If this is not an option, they are widely available to hire in trail centres, parks and other such facilities.


Cycling Gloves.

Whether you use them or not in the UK, they are definitely advised in Africa as the road vibrations can be severe. It would be advised to get used to them now.


A helmet

Safety first, always. Whether you are cycling in a field, in a car park or on the dirt roads of Africa, a helmet is a must.

Please don’t neglect to wear your helmet.


Base layers

Don’t expect the sun to be beating down on you all the time during this ride. We’ll be up in the highlands where it could drop to temperatures in the teens and maybe rain in between bright bursts of sunshine. Get proper ‘sweat-wicking’ kit to help manage body temperature.


Cycling shorts

Baggy or tight, it doesn’t matter.  It’s best you get comfortable in cycling shorts as early as possible in your training so you can get used to wearing them.


Cycling Shoes

They are optional but certainly help a lot on climbs. Once you get them, you really won't go back and like the other gear listed here it’s advised to get used to them before the trip. You can bring your pedals with you and we’ll fit them to your bike.