Make a difference.

Make no mistake, Ride Africa is your big opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Rider fundraising is driving real change in Kenya.’s current focus is on maternal and child health, and your fundraising will support growth in this area. Together, we can launch brand new programmes to support mums, like those you will meet on your last day in Meru.

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Ride Africa fundraising is the life-blood of In 2018 it represented 80% of our predicted income. We’re a small charity and we exist because of the support of Ride Africa riders.

We truly appreciate and celebrate every penny you raise. Thank you for making our work possible.


LONG-TERM CHANGE specialises in community-led development. That means we work within communities to help people to develop skills and knowledge - empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty and identify and solve their own problems.

We always work within existing structures (like health services and schools), strengthening and improving what already exists - not creating our own alternatives that might undermine and damage existing provision.

It’s complicated work, but it’s work that delivers sustainable, long-term results. That’s why you’ll hear us say - we do what works.


Inequality starts from birth

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don’t survive to see their first birthday.’s latest programmes are setting out to change this statistic, making pregnancy, birth and early life safer. We do this by implementing simple changes - providing better access to health services and information that can save lives. Here are some examples to share with your donors…


Baby Boxes's Baby Box pilot programme began in 2018, our first programme to aim to keep newborn babies safer. Encouraging and improving access to postnatal care is key to protecting more mums and babies - our Baby Box programme was designed to do that for mums living in informal settlements in Nairobi. As an incentive to go to postnatal care sessions, new mums were provided with a box and some baby essentials, which also came with vital health information about Safe Sleeping. Read more updates about the programme on our website.

We’ve created a series of shareable Baby Box cards. Download digital versions from here to share on your social media, or contact Francine to request some printed versions (above). These are perfect for giving out to your donors at events or slipping into Thank You cards!


Supporting mums in Meru

In Meru, where you’ll finish your ride, new mums simply aren’t receiving the health information and support they need to keep their babies safe.

Women in this region fall pregnant early in life. Many leave school and feel ostracised and isolated. Without reliable health information, they don’t know the warning signs to look out for during pregnancy and when their baby is newborn. Without a friendly face to turn to for expert advice, pregnancy and birth can be a lonely and frightening experience - one that too often ends in tragedy.

This year, will be funding pregnancy support groups in Meru, through a big campaign called Team Mum.

£10 will be enough to reach a new mum who needs our support and provide her with a pack of baby essentials, including a weighing bag.

£25 pays for a new mum to receive our full support group training programme. She’ll make a birth plan and be introduced to her local health facility where she can give birth in a safe environment.

Empowering women through agricultural training

When in Meru, you’ll hear about a current programme called the Meru Women’s Garden Project.

We train women in agricultural skills and nutrition information. We also tackle specific issues that hold women back in this society - for example by enabling peer support and financial independence through our women’s groups and by educating members of the community on the harmful cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Watch and share this interview with Rose (below), which you can download here.